Friday, November 18, 2016

Colorado River Bikefest

Ballinger, Texas
April 23, 2016
 Line up of San Angelo riders: Jerry
Joy--spectator and avid supporter
 Registration--thanks to the volunteers 
Bill, Dorothy, and Christine 
 And we are off 
 Note that the above and here riders prefer not to ride on the shoulder. A little rough over there.
 Not bluebonnets but there were some healthy stands of wild flowers.
 And what probably should be the Texas official tree--the Mesquite.
 One should not get the idea that the tour is flat, there were plenty of hills to keep our interest. 

 Evidence of recent rains.
 I know, pictures should be divided into thirds, but shooting on the move is sometimes hard to line up.

 Finally remembered to shoot an incline, even if it was way off in the distance.
 Just a peaceful country shot.
 Maybe the ride is mostly flat?
       Lowake Restaurant on left had a very tempting aroma. One could smell    
steaks cooking from this distance. 

 Ride coming to a close in the friendly town of Ballinger. The finish line is at the building on the right.

 David, Kathy, Joy, and Marlon patiently awaiting the rest of us to finish.
Brian looks a little disappointed. He must have only averaged 20 mph. Wait until next year.

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