Monday, October 5, 2015

Fort Davis Cyclefest by Video

Fort Davis Cyclefest
September 19, 2015
Fort Davis, Texas
Fort Davis Cyclefest GoPro Videos  
Outside of Fort Davis, the road seems flat. However, the incline is 1-3% for 10 miles.

Short clip of false flat. The wind was also in our face.
Next is a short clip rolling up to the first rest stop. 

Rest stop 1. We appreciate the volunteers.

Down hill after Crows Nest. Mostly downhill for 2-3 miles. I had fun making this clip. Hope it is fun to watch.
First part of downhill, and an example of stimuli-response on my part.
There was a mix-up of the porta-potties locations. Above was not supposed to be RS 2. On down the road was a RS 3 mix-up.  
Downhill Continued 
Payback time
Uphill to Rest Stop 3
 Until this year, rest stop 3 was the "unofficial" rest stop, It was a picnic table about half way up Bear Mountain. We would stop, rest, and then finish Bear Mountain. This year, the porta-potties were dropped off at the unofficial location, so the ride directors made another adjustment and moved the rest stop down the mountain.
Bear Mountain
The two minute clip of Bear Mountain is too large to upload on Blogger. If one has the time, it is located at: (right click and open in new tab is easiest).
Should one be pressed for time, below is a short synopsis by photos.
Bear Mountain Start (6-8% grade)
 Bear Mountain Middle (6-8%)
 Christine, Jeffri, and Robbie cheering me on at the "finish line".
As the saying goes, for every uphill, there is a downhill. Below is a short clip of a 20 minute downhill ride after topping Bear Mountain.
Shortly after this clip, I ran out of batteries. Next year I think I will wait until the McDonnell Observatory and film those switchback pin turns on a nice long downhill.
This posting has been an experiment to see how it will turn out. May or may not use this style of posting in the future.