Sunday, November 13, 2016

Willow City Loop

 Willow City Loop
Saturday May 21, 2016
Day Trip, Just Outside of Fredericksburg, Tx.  
Rick, Christine, and Brian.
 The bike bar in "downtown" Willow City. They were kind enough to let us park in their back area.
 The Willow City ride is part of the now defunct Pedal Power Wildflower Ride.
 We had planned to ride back in April, but the weekend we had free was rainy.
 Even though it was past the bluebonnet prime time we were determined to make the ride anyway.
 Leaving Willow City is fairly flat heading toward Highway 16.

 As the ride is scenic, most of the ride does not require comment or explanation.
Just before the great downhill on Highway 16, Brian and Rick (below) held up waiting for Christine and me to catch up.
And then we started the decent.
One of those great rides. After a good decline--
--We would start on another.
This went on for 2-3 miles.

Just before the turnoff to Willow City we regrouped again.
Willow City Loop Road

Yes, there were frequent stops just to take in the scenery.

And more stops. This ride was not about speed.

Hence the cattle guard as shown above.
Even dead trees were pretty.

The approach to the dreaded hill.
I do not know if the hill has a printable name, but it is a tough one.
I think I recall seeing 14% at one point.
Christine and I were so slow, Rick came back to see if we were all right.
This is a shot back down from where Rick met us.

After the big climb, it levels off for a short time and then hits you with another up.
Luckily, more scenery allowed us to rest with dignity.

Getting close to "civilization".
Out skirts of Willow City. Population 75.

Just beyond this point is the bike bar and our cars. Ride time short. Lapse time long. Fun time immeasurable.

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