Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pedal Through The Pines

March 12, 2016
Bastrop Texas
Beautiful day--rain had stopped--and the volunteers added to the excitement of the upcoming ride. 
 Good turnout for the event. Christine was not with me on this ride. She had gone to Ohio for a family gathering. She will be "first in line" next year.
Once again the two State Parks were by-passed. They still haven't recovered from the past fires.  
Spring time on the road is always a treat. 
Not many bluebonnets this year but sprinkled in with the other flowers. 
 This rest stop is worth the trip. Sausage with buns and other treats.
This is to remind me that Pedal thru the Pines does indeed have some flat places. 
 Upcoming in the distance is what I most remember about the ride.
 Lots of 3-10% grades.
And then some good scenery while resting up for the next batch of hills.  
More rain seemed to be moving in. 
 Another great rest stop at Serbin.
Clouds were moving off. We were never rained on. 
At first I wondered why I took this shot. Oh yeah, the orange flowers caught my attention as I was riding past.  
This is what most of the ride looks like.  
 One hill after the other.
Unexpected rest stop. 
Expected rest stop.  
 I know. If you have ever seen any of the other Bastrop rides, you will have seen the same church. But I think it is so cute--if that is a way to describe a church.
The clouds were strategically placed to keep one pedaling as fast as one can.  
The following shots are just places I thought were pretty. 
 My 1st place house...but I wasn't fast enough to get a good shot.
Ditto. You will have to take my word for it. 
 On top ready to drop. On a good decline, unless you stop, you have one chance to point and shoot. Then hang on to the handlebars.
 There were just scattered clusters of bluebonnets. 
On the home stretch heading back to the start line. 
Staging area. 
Finish line is in the park after going under the overpass. And the end of another great Pedal thru the Pines ride.

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