Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Special Ride

 All of the bicycle rides are special in some way, but this particular Monday group ride was extra special.
 It started out as usual, along Spring Creek.
 Part of the route is in Spring Creek Park along a shady lane.
 The ride can be laid back or ridden hard. There are specific places that the group stops and re-groups. So a slow or fast rider gets to socialize during parts of the ride.
 The route for the most part is a large loop. I discovered that if I go the wrong way, I can get front action shots instead of the usual from behind the group shots.
 Zach, newly joining in on the rides, passes the "Beach".
 Back in the Spring Creek Park, Spring Creek (on left) meets with the Middle Concho River and then flows on into Lake Nasworthy.
 The combined rivers form a larger waterway. On the far right, Lake Nasworthy begins.
 Liz and Ricky headed toward the marina. Seems I am still going the wrong way.
 Robbie also is almost to the marina.
 Serene scenes provide a relaxed setting. The wild turkeys were not to be seen this particular day.
 I think Tony was coming back to see if I was alright. I had been going the wrong way almost all of the ride and he knew that I had been sick the previous week. Probably thought I was sick in the head this week.
 I wish I had taken a close up shot of Loyd's unique "snake" jersey.
 The top off of the special ride. A picnic was planned at the end of the ride to celebrate one of the rider's birthdays.
 I didn't know so many of the riders were also good cooks. No one went away hungry...
...just ask Christine. 

Oh yes, Happy Birthday to me. Rather than having everyone guess, I have been blessed with three quarters of a century of an eventful, fulfilling life. I hope to write a similar article in 2038.