Saturday, July 21, 2018

Crazy Summer

For those who occasionally click on Pedal Pushers to see if there is a new ride posted, it has been a slim summer. Trips, vacation, family reunions, and graduations have blocked some of our planned tours...not to mention that Christine is still in physical therapy due to her shoulder replacement.

So, I have been riding locally with a great group of people but haven't been taking my camera along. A "word" description of a ride is just not the same in my opinion. So, very few posts.

At the present time, it appears that our next tour will be the Hotter'n Hell Hundred in August. Looking forward to it and hope to get some good pics for a post.

P.S. One of our rides this past week started as the temperature reached a record 109 degrees F. However, because of our wind, it "feels like 107."

Hope everyone else is having good rides this summer.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tour de Agua

Tour de Agua
Dublin, Texas
June 9, 2018
History: Dublin was "Home of Dr. Pepper" and the family owned business operated 120 years.
That is until they became too popular and Dr. Pepper sued to stop production and distribution in 2012. They are now making a name for themselves for their Dublin Texas Root Beer and other yummy flavors.
Up until about 2012, the bicycle event was "Tour de Dr. Pepper". Now it is Tour de Agua.
The tour is similar to Abilene's Steam N Wheels. If you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd; it is a race. If you come in 4th or more, it is a nice tour.
San Angelo participants David and Brian.
Martha and Mel.
The event was well attended. Shown are just the 66 mile participants.
Behind are the 41, 25, and 10 milers.
The big bottle used to be Dr. Pepper. Now it is Texas Root Beer.
The tour directors made a welcome change in bib colors. Red was 66 milers, blue was the 41, yellow 25, and not sure about the 10 milers. Colors were welcome as the 66 milers started 5 minutes ahead of the 41. In the past, if anyone wanted a jump start, just line up with the 66 milers and be 5 or more minutes ahead of the other competitors.
Just to be fair photo. If you listened to anyone telling about their ride, you would hear that it was hill after hill after---.
And it was. Squint and you will see a roller in  the distance.
Brian and David passing one of the participants. By mile 5, we were over taking the back of the 66 milers.
 Looks like a baby hill until you start climbing into the wind.
I am sure the wind was to our back at some time as the course was a loop. Just someone forgot to tell me we were going with the wind.
Although you can not tell by the pictures; Brian, David and I had a nice pace line going which helped out a lot in the wind.
Had to take the shot quickly as upcoming was a nice downhill section. (too dangerous to take a shot while going down hill). But, had to document that the course "generally" had a downhill for every climb.
Flat respite. The roads were good and very little traffic.
Famer had a good crop of hay. Still has time to put in another crop.
Ho hum. More rollers.
Suddenly, the photos do not show David. At about mile 28, his brand new back tire developed two huge bubbles, and he was out of the running. His first ever SAG, but it can't be counted against him. Tires happen.
Brian chasing (and over-taking) one of the last visible blue bibs.
 Brian did quite well overall and in the top 5 finishers. Good going.
Another highlight of the tour. All the Dublin drinks you desire. BBQ sandwiches and chips hit the spot. The Dublin Bottle Works drug store is just next door. I had a chocolate milk shake with my sandwich and then a Dublin Root Beer float for "dessert." Lunch alone is worth the trip. Oh yes, Christine joined us sporting her sling and wearing a brand new shoulder replacement. Will be out for the rest of the season. And I had her signed up for the 7 mile Mt. Locke race at Fort Davis this fall. Darn.
In the meantime, if you are looking for a challenging yet good ride, consider the Ride for the Change. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Susan Peak

Rocking Chair Ranch 
Susan Peak Road
San Angelo, Texas
May 26, 2018 
 Martha, Jeffri, Stephen, Mel, Rick, Dorothy, and Mark line up for hill training (mostly rollers) on Susan peak.
 Route starts out on a long false flat until Rocking Chair Ranch. 
 After Rocking Chair, ride gets a little more interesting. 
 Then we get to "The Hill". 
 The hill is the toughest climb of the ride. What doesn't show is the sudden 14% grade incline until it levels at 11% near the top. 
 Mel, just past the steep incline. 
 Martha now has it made.
 Back side is not as steep nor long, but a good joy ride down. 
 Before the end of the road, there are two good long climbs which are fun on the return trip. 
 Gate marking the end of the ride.  
 Return trip. 

  Of course the sign is just for vehicles. 
 Coming up on the reverse side of The Hill.
 And down the hill. 
 Road starts to level out somewhat as we approach Rocking Chair again. 
 Coming up on Lipan Creek. Generally a lot of turtles are sunning, but I missed the shot. 
 The field looked pretty with all the white "flowers" there. But unfortunately they are prickly poppies, good only to stick you.
"Mexican Hat" cone flower.  

 What?? A new way to cool your heels?

 Tyler, this is one remedy for foot hot spots during a ride. 
Eventually, Jeffri put her shoes on to finish out the ride back to the cars.