Monday, June 30, 2014

Cow Creek Country Classic

 Waxahachie, Texas
28th Annual Ride
When we decided to ride the Cow Creek Country tour, we knew we had ridden it twice before. However, we didn't remember some of the ride. I searched our blog to refresh our memory, but couldn't find a write up. We discovered we did the ride before we started blogging. So this time I tried to take as many pictures as possible to help our memory in the future.   
 According to the tour director, 1,200 of us lined up for a 7:30 a.m. start.
 It was an overcast day as we headed out toward the city limits.
 The start of many shady lanes that we would travel throughout the day. Don't let the looks of the highway fool you. The Waxahachie ride had some of the best roads of any tour yet.
 Wind out of the south at about 20 mph was slightly to our backs on the first part of the ride. The access road was heading "north" toward Fort Worth/Dallas.
 The overcast day negated the need for the series of tree lined streets, but we can keep it in mind for some bright sunny day respite in the future.
 The ride took us through a lot of pretty rural areas.
 The scenery kept Christine "rubber necking" throughout the tour.
 The ride consisted of a lot of gentle rollers. (Jerry, only one registered 10% grade, the rest were good rollers).

 Brian leading me across a long bridge close to Midlothian, Texas. There had been a light shower early that morning, and there were just small puddles.
Brian Backlund from San Angelo and Christine at rest stop two. Rest stops were well spaced and well stocked. As a bonus, every stop had bottles of honey to pour on your cookies or bananas--a new and delicious ride boost for us. 

 Recent rains encouraged a wildflowers to come back out--Indian blanket, yellow cone flowers, Mexican hat, gay feather, fairy duster.
 Start of a good decline. All of us rolled at about 30 mph down this one.

 Getting back into town about three miles from the finish.
 And surprise. Cow Creek Country had another rest stop. It was so close to the finish that a lot of riders just passed it by. However, they missed out on a treat of several photo ops.
 Union Pacific Depot.
 The Missouri Kansas Texas (MKT) bridge near the depot.
Trinity-Brazos Depot.
Ellis County Courthouse  
As pretty as the scenery was, the finish line was calling. Reason? After-ride hot dogs were waiting at the finish line. Trust me, they were good.

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