Monday, June 23, 2014

Fort de France, Martinique

 Fort de France
Martinique is one of four French islands in the Caribbean. Fort de France is the capital and is one of the major cities in the Caribbean. Exports include sugar, rum, tinned fruit, and cacao.
Note the panorama is similar to a lot of the other islands. They are either the result of coral or volcanic activity. Martinique fits in the volcanic category. 
Fort de France is located on a strip of land sandwiched between the mountains and sea.
 We had a snorkeling trip lined up for the day, and as previously mentioned in another port, I am afraid that my point and shoot camera is no longer waterproof. Thus, I ended up with a few shots of the town taken from our balcony.  
 The buildings and houses are colorful similar to many other cities in the Caribbean.
 Contrast of the old and new near the mouth of the Madame River.
Martinique visit is over and once again we sail off into the sunset. 

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