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Barbados is a rather small island measuring 21 miles in length and 14 miles wide. It is a popular tourist destination and a very pretty island.

When approaching Barbados, it looked as if we might be in for a rainy day. However, the skies cleared by the time we docked, and it turned out to be a beautiful day. 
The Star Clipper was docked along side of us. All but six of the cabins are on the outside. But a close inspection reveals port holes only. Even with the small number of passengers, the romance of a real square-rigged ship, and elegant amenities, I will stick with my balcony and a few more "neighbors".
I didn't jot down the name of this cruise ship. Like the ship above, it has it's charm but not enough to make me switch liners.
Now if someone wants adventure, sign on to this boat and push big liners around all day.
We chose a photographer's tour on this island. We were to see scenic views and be given picture taking pointers by our guide. Some of his suggestions were out of my league, so I had fun all day with my point and shoot techniques.
Our guide talked about different lighting, and he liked shadows. My attempt at different shades. 

Overlook of the city of Bathsheba and Bathsheba Beach. No technique here other than my point and shoot.
Bathsheba Beach 
Besides liking the view, this is another attempt to incorporate some of the guide's techniques. He wanted most of the pictures to be shot with "thirds" in mind. Have your main subject in one of the frame's thirds. So the little shack was supposed to be my main subject.
Local village girl on her way to town.
We passed by some pretty rock structures. Again no technique. I just liked the views.

This tree is probably the most photographed on the island. I must have taken a jillion shots of the tree but never achieved the professional look such as a picture the guide took and showed us. 
My main subject took more than 1/3rd of the frame, but I like the shot anyway.
Bathsheba Beach is also called the Soup Bowl and the waves are good enough that international surfing contest are held here. 


 Beauty as far as the eye can see.

 I was trying to take a picture of Bathsheba Rock when a couple of tourists walked right in front of my shot. See how the rock was in the left third of my frame.
 Bathsheba Rock
What I was trying to take a picture of when the girls walked in front of the shot. And if you are reading this, Christine, my editor, bought the story and left the picture in the story.

 Close by was this little bar. Christine had worked up a mighty thirst just looking at all of the scenery.
 On some website I saw a professional photographer's shot of this scene. He must have been in a slightly different position as his picture did not have the houses on the bottom of his photo. I will accept my pictures as having "local flavor".

 Sugar refinery is a big industry on the island. Barbados is the 51st richest country in the world in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita. The guide told us that the country has enough money that everyone is covered by healthcare and with free education, there is almost a 100% literacy rate.
 Sugar cane field.
 The tour is over and so is the day. The Star Clipper must be going to spend the night. The tug boat is about to push us out to sea.


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