Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Waxahachie The Gingerbread City

Previous write ups have mentioned that part of the fun of attending bike tours is to get to see the sights in the different cities and the surrounding areas.
 Waxahachie is known as the Gingerbread City for its many Victorian style homes. The Gingerbread City moniker comes from the ornate decorations of the homes.
Waxahachie is also known as the "Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas". It was so designated by the Texas State Legislature in 1997. Many of the houses and streets are adorned by huge crape myrtles.
For the past 46 years, Waxahachie has hosted the Gingerbread Trails home tours. In July, they host the Crape Myrtle Festival.
Enjoy the sights--the houses describe themselves.

Hawkins House
Benjamin Franklin Hawkins was one of the founders of Ellis County. His first house occupied this site in 1851 even before the Comanches were subdued. His next house was built in 1887 and is designated a historical site.

Even beautiful houses need maintenance. Not seen, but off to the left side, the owners were busily calking the windows.

The dome of this great house needed a little maintenance, also. I hope they paint it a rust color as I like the combination.

The bike tour and the historical houses tour are one of the many highlights of our cycling season. 

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