Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Samana, Dominica Republic

Samana, Dominica Republic
Samana is a relatively new port with cruise ships starting to dock there in 2006. As such, the port is trying to catch up in its construction--of tourist shops.

Christine and I had decided to take a walking tour of Samana to get a flavor of the town. It was mostly a promenade of sidewalk vendors.

The locals tried very hard to be unique and "attractive" to the tourists. Sadly, a lot of disabled residents were interspersed with the sidewalk vendors.

As I recall, this was a new Catholic church on the main road.

The older church was still well maintained and attractive.

A future hotel for tourists wishing to stay longer than the port dock time.

One of the few stores that was already established and doing business.

The row of new structures will be flourishing businesses some day. Right now they just have signs as what they will sell when opened.

The "older" section of town is still well maintained.

Did we venture into the countryside? No, this was "downtown" and close to the shoreline, prime real estate, so I am afraid the horse will have to find greener pastures.

Two common sights on the cruise. Rain, and rainbows. It rained at least a little just about everyday. Since they were short showers, the sun was never totally hidden. The showers were so quick that I think we used an umbrella on just one tour.

The rainbow dipped into the water right by the ship. Happened several times on the trip.

Leaving Dominica Republic, I was fascinated by the splashing waves on the coast line.

The last sighting of the island. Off to the next port.

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