Friday, February 21, 2014

Half Moon Cay

Not sure what was going on with "Blogger", it took a week of trying before any pictures would load. But finally:
Half Moon Cay
Half Moon Cay was bought by Holland America in 1996 and made it as a private island for cruise ships. It was our first stop out of Fort Lauderdale, and,  our last stop as we completed the cruise. The Aegean and Mediterranean Seas are beautiful, but the colors of the Caribbean are unsurpassed. 
There were a lot of activities on the little island, but we chose to swim in the pristine waters.
The structures were still new and glistening.
Note the chairs and little "tents" in the background. For a very reasonable price, one could rent the shades, called clam shells, and escape the sun when not swimming. I burned anyway. First day out and blistered. 
Another confession, I found that I didn't take very many pictures on the island so I went to the internet for some samples. I am not sure whom to credit, but I think the above and following are publicity shots by Holland America. 
 The pirate's ship is one of the main attractions as they serve free BBQ at lunch time.
Snacks and beverages are available at the little hut--not free. Again note the clam shells at the edge of the beach.
I was trying to get a shot of Christine as she "parked" and hung onto the buoy line in the background. Eventually I joined her and burned. She did not. No fair.
Some brought their own snorkels (left upper) but as the bottom was sandy, very few fish were in the area. Details, we all had fun and that was what it was all about.  

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