Friday, March 7, 2014

Day at Sea

Even on a day at sea one wakes up early. This day I was rewarded with a great sky show. Earlier I mentioned that it rained almost every day, but this shower was off in the distance. 
And as mentioned, the showers were short lived and soon yielded to the sun.
What does one do on a day at sea? Whatever you want. Eat, swim, read a book, relax, or shop. I caught up with Christine after she had been to the pool. And where did I find her? Note the golden chain rolls on the table by the pool deck. Her little smile revealed that she had already bought a necklace and two bracelets. 
Note the card hung around the neck. The card is just about the only thing you really have to carry on board. It is your room key, charge card, and identification to get off/on board the ship. It even has your dining table listed and seating time. Handy little gadget.    
 After a relaxing day of doing what you wanted, there was a night time show in addition to the off Broadway show in the theater. Calm seas, beautiful moon, and sky decorated with scattered clouds. How could one ask for more?

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