Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monday Evening Ride

Mary E Lee Group Ride
Every Monday during the season.
San Angelo, Texas

NOTE: This was prepared last year just before I hurt myself again and then went on a vacation. I was still experimenting with my new GoPro and hope to use it a lot this season.
We were scheduled to go to Wylie for an organized tour this past weekend. However, the weather did not cooperate for a ride. Rain, cold, sleet.
So I thought I would experiment and put together a compilation of our routine Monday evening group rides. As mentioned in a previous post, I am starting to take videos with a GoPro Hero 3. What a learning curve it has been...and is still.
Our routine ride starts at the Mary E. Lee Park (the beach) at Lake Nasworthy. We normally ride straight into Spring Creek Park. However, as we were beginning this particular ride, I spotted a herd of deer in an open area. I circled back to take a picture. After viewing the clip, I wish that the GoPro had a zoom capability. I was as close to the deer as I dared so as not to spook them, but you have to study hard or put the clip on full screen to really get a good look at the deer.
I moved a little more closely and got a slightly better shot.
A man from across the street revealed the reason for the deer's gathering. He feeds them. He said that the previous day, he had 25 wild turkeys show up in addition to the deer.
You can tell you are in Texas if you look at the man's right hip as he goes back to his house. Really, though, he is probably in law enforcement as we routine citizens are required to conceal our weapons.
And on with the ride through Spring Creek. Liz and Robbie are just enjoying the ride and talking girl talk.
After leaving Spring Creek Park, we travel on Spillway Road. It has the only "hills" of the ride.
Spillway Road as I recall crests at about 5%. Just enough for a workout.
Nearing Knickerbocker Road.
At Knickerbocker, we cross over into the Airport area. At the far end on the right side, we stop to regroup.
On the far left end, we turn to start back to Knickerbocker Road.
Featured in the below clip are Rick, Liz, and Robbie. (Liz and Robbie still talking)
After Spillway Road, we go back into Spring Creek Park.
Right after the entrance into Spring Creek Park, we stop for the last regroup before ending the ride.
Leaving Spring Creek, I spied some more deer. Again, it takes a full screen to actually see the deer.
And again some more deer are spotted at the curve. Zoom would be nice. (In all fairness, most people get a GoPro for exciting action shots, not for sightseeing).
The ride ends at the beginning--Mary E. Lee Park. Lake Nasworthy is mostly a recreational lake. The "beach" is the sandy expanse. The barrels mark the non-boating area and are used as markers for Triathlon events.    
So ends the routine Monday evening group ride. A nice relaxed 16 mile ride, or one can use it as a training ride. As for Christine and myself, it is a relaxed social event and we stop to smell the flowers as well as admire the wild life.

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