Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fort Davis to Balmorhea Scenery

 Mountain Sheep
Mountain sheep formerly lived in the mountain ranges around Fort Davis but the native populations were wiped out in 1959. Hence, we were quite excited to see this herd on a mountain ridge.
The ones pictured are most likely the Aoudad or Barbary sheep which are from North Africa. These sheep have recently been introduced into protected areas similar to their native African range. Small, wild populations can be occasionally spotted.
 These two sheep almost blend in with their environment. Note that the barbed wire fence is a "normal" fence rather than the high, game ranch fence. The Aoudads are well-adapted to the dry areas in which they live. They rarely need water...which is a good thing in West Texas. Although the area had just had some good showers, rain is the exception rather than the rule. The sheep appear to get sufficient water from the green and succulent vegetation on which they feed.
 The following series of pictures were shot between Fort Davis and Balmorhea. Just relax and enjoy the scenery as much as we did.

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  1. such interesting land formations here.... great shots.