Saturday, April 28, 2018

Beat the Street for Little Feet

 Beat the Street
Sweetwater, Texas
April 28, 2018
And we are off. The reason that the lead ride picture is an empty road and no pre-ride photos is a long story and sort of embarrassing one.
OK. So I was late and started by myself. I had to chase the whole field of riders. At mile 4, I caught the first person, above is mile 5 and a few more riders.
Between mile 5 and 6 there were a lot of riders and at mile 6 I finally caught up with the San Angelo group.
Now I can introduce the San Angelo riders. Jodi, Brian, Rick, and David.
 For a while we had a good pace line going. Sweetwater is a race and one can choose the 50K (34 miles) or the 100K. We chose the 50K.  
Later, David and I dropped back a little.
 I am not sure who he is but, we would yo-yo for several miles. We would pass him; he would pass us, etc.
This is supposed to be a field of bluebonnets. There were a lot of good stretches of flowers but hard to get detail while moving.
 David, climbing one of many hills on this route. Training Center indicated the average climb was 5% with at least 4 at 10% grade.
 Some were long climbs.
 Some were shorter.
 I didn't count how many hills we encountered, but there were enough to keep it interesting.
This reminded me of some of the soil composition at Fort Davis.
 Just to prove there were some level areas. And for the most part, the roads were very good.
Not too far from the red clay soil, this caliche bank is a stark contrast.
Start of a series of good long downhills.
Had to stop to get this picture. I know it was a race, but one can stop and smell the flowers plus race (if you are trying not to win).
 After the long series of downhill, we had long stretches of level road.
Really nice barn and structures.
 It looked like we were on the outskirts of Sweetwater, so I thought the ride was about over.
Nope, we were routed out into the countryside.
This was the second sign I saw that said "Sweetwater City Limits," but I wasn't fooled this time.


Sweetwater is the home of the Women AirForce Service Pilots (WASP) Museum of World War II. Next time we ride the Beat the Streets, I hope to explore the museum as those women were outstanding.
 Finally, we really were close to the finish line.

Jodi was at the finish line snapping shots of the San Angelo finishers. Above is Rick.



Anyone wondering why Jodi was finished with her ride and had the time to take our pictures?

First Place Women

 Congratulations to Jodi from all.
 All smiles as the next item was hot dogs provided by the event hosts.
 As with most rides, part of the enjoyment is the post fellowship with friends.
Ride worth returning? You bet. Just wish the event did not clash with the Ballinger ride as we must choose which rides to support.

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