Saturday, May 5, 2018

Door Key Road

Door Key Road
San Angelo, Texas
May 5, 2018
Ready to ride on a nice crisp (by West Texas standards) morning are: Carlos, Ron, Rick (hidden), Brian, and David.
 And we can't forget Jeffri.
 Door Key Road is an out for 14+ miles and back. 
 Of the reasons we like Door Key Road is the light traffic.
 Other reasons for liking Door Key are the constant rollers but none over 6% grade, and relatively good (by San Angelo standards) road surfaces.  
One of the designing features of the ride are the long inclines, and  
 corresponding long declines. 
 Jeffri and I had been just taking our time and near the turn around the others patiently waited 
 Under one of the few shades of the ride. 
 Homeward bound.   
 Remember the long declines? The reverse course--they become long inclines.
 Brian and I are saving our legs for tomorrows' time trial. We "let" the others wear out their legs. 
 Although sometimes it is hard for Brian to resist powering up hills. 
 What a little rain will do for our edge-of-the-desert landscape.
Everyone needs to get on his bike and spread his wings like an eagle--oops--we are in West Texas, so it is like a buzzard. 

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