Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tour de Gap

 Buffalo Gap, Texas
July 26, 2014
 Ready for the ride: Cindy and Jerry Middleton
 On the line: Brian Backlund. I figured I had better get this shot as this may be the last time I see him on the ride. And I was correct.
 It was reported that 275 riders showed up. We had a choice of 11, 28, or 56 miles. The 72 mile race was not held this year as road construction was taking place on the route.
 All of the fast guys were forced into the 56. The 56 mile route was my initial goal.
 This road was part of the detour around the normal route. We had just crossed a pretty good hill and I started re-evaluating my plans already. Again, see my pace line dropping me.
 Eventually we were on Highway 83 which was an incline of 1-3% for 7 miles and into the wind. I continued to re-evaluate tour length.
 Passing through Tuscola enroute to the rest stop that marked the turn off from Highway 83.
The purpose of this picture was not to draw attention to our cactus and mesquite fields, rather, on the horizon, if one had an enlargement of the shot, is a host of windmill electric generators that line Highway 277.  
 I met up with Jerry and as we rode together and discussed the wind and everlasting slight incline, I came to the decision that the 28 mile course would satisfy me on this ride.
 Jeffri and Christine at the rest stop turning off Highway 83. Jeffri is a regular on our Monday evening rides and frequently on the Saturday. Christine had planned on doing the 28 mile ride all along, so I waited at the rest stop until she arrived so we could finish the ride together.
 We had never ridden the 28 mile route, so we were extremely surprised and pleased when it turned out to be with the wind and slightly downhill all the way back to town.
 The dream ride. Downhill and with the wind.
 With some good scenery.
 We may never ride the 56 mile course again. The 28 return trip was just too much fun.
 My pick of houses on this ride.
 After the scenic lane, we turned onto Highway 89 heading toward Buffalo Gap. Again, to our pleasure, the entrance to 89 on the 28 mile route was beyond THE WALL as one turned off of Hwy 277.
 Our ride was slightly downhill right into Buffalo Gap.
 Finish line approach.
 Finish line in sight.
All that was left was to chow down on some egg and potato burritos and listen to the announcer to see if your number was called for the plentiful door prizes.
We will have to wait a year to determine if the lure of the 28 mile ride will sway us from out routine 56.

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