Saturday, June 30, 2012

Texas Through the Windshield

 On our way back from California/Arizona/Grand Canyon, we passed through the panhandle. The wind was over 40 miles per hour and was creating an old fashion sand storm.
 The sandstorm reminded me of my childhood in West Texas. Back during those days, storms such as this was common.
 There were some storms that once when a group of us were caught out in the pasture afoot, we had to hold hands to keep from getting lost.
Once when I was in the first grade, a wind storm hit while I was walking to a friend's house. I had to lean forward at a 45 degree angle in order to walk forward.
 Later when we moved to central Texas, it seemed everytime we went back to West Texas to visit relatives, we would get into at least one sand storm.
 With better soil conservation techniques today, the above is less common. But obviously, if the wind blows hard enough, the land will still move on down the road.
The good part--other than giving me an opportunity to shoot a rather rare occurence for a central Texan--was that we were going with the wind and got 44 mph along this stretch of the road.

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