Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arizona Through the Windshield

Last May Christine and I took a trip out to California. One may remember our biking the Grand Canyon rim stories.
But first we were headed to northern California to attend the college graduation of our oldest son. There was Arizona scenery that I just couldn't resist photographing, so Christine drove to free me up to snap some of the things we saw through the windshield.

 Somewhere between Flagstaff and Williams, the sky became quite cloudy.
 Soon we were in a pretty good snow storm.
 Remember, this was in May. We were packed and dressed for a Texas May.
 As soon as we were out of the "mountains", the weather became normal--at least for us.
 We stayed the night in Arizona, and in the morning were awakened by the roar of motorcycles.
 It was a group of French nationals (we know because we asked them) touring by motorcycle. They had baggage support by a tourist company.
 Note: they weren't fooled by the sun's being out. They were dressed appropriately for their trek.
They turned right toward the Grand Canyon. We turned left toward California.

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