Monday, July 2, 2012

Grand Canyon 1

Grand Canyon
 No, this is not a shot of the weather as we were going to California. This was just before we got to the Grand Canyon on our return trip. Recall this was still May.
 I think I had earlier mentioned that we had packed for a "Texas May". Our wardrobe was not ready for chilly weather.
So as soon as we got into the park, we headed to the clothing store and bought winter clothing. Most of our pictures of ourselves are in the clothes we bought in the park, not from our suitcases.

The weather did not detract from the beauty of the scenery. During this series of photos, very little needs to be said. The photo speaks for itself.
Throughout the planned series, there is no particular order photos or direction of the canyon. And there will be no attempt to label the areas. We just hope one enjoys the beauty as much as we did.
There may be duplicate scenery as we traveled back and forth on the rim several times. It seemed as if you could take 10 steps and shoot the same scene and it would look slightly different. And sometimes a passing cloud would change the mood of the scene.
Perhaps best to have been said at the beginning, since the series will be scenery rather than dialog, if one double clicks on a picture, the series of the particular set should be available as if it were a slide show.

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  1. Amazing. We had talked about travelling there on motor bikes with another couple, but it didn't happen in the end. Maybe one day....