Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday February 12 Group Ride

Spring Creek crossing FM 2335

Spring creek starts on a ranch outside of Mertzon. Some years back, the ranch owner would let a Boy Scout Troop camp, and swim in the cold spring. As I recall, the spring gushed about a million gallons per day...and it was cold, cold enough that I would only wade in it. The scouts would place their water melons in it to keep them cold. Spring Creek is the source of water for over 12 reservoirs, one of the largest, Rust Reservoir, is just above this area near Tankersley. 

In a round about way,Tankersley was the destination of nine of us cyclers on a social group ride Saturday the 12th. The temperature was to get over 65 and the wind was not supposed to get over 15 mph making it a perfect day for a ride.
 Cindy and Jerry cycled from their house in the area and met us at Knickerbocker. Country living is quite convenient as Cindy is a competitive equestrian and is among the hosts for a Texas Trail Challenge to be held in San Angelo in April. What better place to keep your horse(s) than in your own back yard.
 Brian arrived shortly and lined up for the ride.
 Mark mentioned he was glad to get in a ride as he had been having to ride on his home trainer.
 Mark and Liz lead out as we traveled straight in the wind for the first five miles.
 Christine B. arrived a little late at the beginning but caught up to and over-took some of the riders.
 Cindy arrived at the end of the first leg of the ride.
 Jerry rolled in at the re-group area.
 Being in a rural area with little traffic, these were our only spectators. One can see we are still in dire need of moisture even though we received a little rain and about an inch of snow recently.

 As the first leg was an out and back, the return was with the wind mostly to our backs. We do not normally ride three abreast. Liz (lt) was just chatting before she passed Cindy and Christine J. Christine J. (rt) is still building strength and stamina after her hip replacement. Although she hasn't gone the whole distance of any group ride this year, she put in her most miles to date on this ride.  
Dorothy arrived a little late for the ride and met us on our return to the start position. As such, she did not get the full enjoyment of the open roads and wind in the face of the first leg.

Re-group time back in Knickerbocker.
Being in a rural area with little traffic, these were about our only spectators on the next leg of the ride. The exception is the rancher in the middle of the pictures standing by his truck. The way he looked at us I would really like to know what he was thinking.
 Pavilion and rest rooms of the park by Spring Creek. The park would make a nice place to incorporate a picnic into one of our rides this summer.
On the return trip, we tried to huddle in small groups as we were heading back into the wind again. Everyone finished the ride in good spirits with wishful thinking that the weather warm up and the winds die down.

At the beginning of the story, we talked about the origins of Spring Creek and its meandering to crossing under FM 2335. Spring Creek continues to San Angelo and goes into Twin Buttes. Twin Buttes discharges Spring Creek and it continues on into Lake Nasworthy. On our Monday group rides, our route parallels Spring Creek.
Typical Monday Group. Christine B., Mark, Liz, Christine J., Rick and Velma. We group at what we call the beach at Lake Nasworthy.
Velma and Mark ride along Spring Creek.
 The creek is protected enough that even on windy days, fishermen are out trying their luck.
At the end of one leg of the Monday ride, we also parallel Twin Buttes dam. Spillway in the background. Shown are Mark, Velma, and Christine B.
Christine B. and Spring Creek.

Back at the Lake Nasworthy "beach", the gulls depart the scene giving me the cue to end this story also.


  1. Looks like a great day. I'm still jealous of the short sleeves - I'm still shopping for winter jackets. How many miles did you log?

  2. @Edie. We logged a little over 24 miles. Wind kept us (me) down to just over 15 mph. But it was fun.

    This week we are supposed to get up to 80 so I want to get in a lot of riding. Our first tour of the season is in three weeks. I hope to be ready.

  3. Way to go, Christine! You go, Girl.
    Rosemaryps. You