Thursday, February 17, 2011

Roman Colosseum

Roman Colosseum
The Roman Colosseum, also know as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is one of Rome's most famous buildings. The name Flavium is the family name of the Roman Emperors who built the Colosseum.
Something that was frustrating at the time, but funny now, was that as we approached the structure and were looking for the entrance, we turned right. Had we turned left, we would have been within 50 yards of the entrance. However, turning right, we journeyed around the whole building. So instead of the usual front entrance photographs, we are able to show the whole building. (So Rosemary, we did get to do some walking and discover rarely seen angles of the building).

 Off to the RIGHT of the Colosseum is the Arcus Constantini (Arch of Constantine). After years of civil war, Constantine's army defeated Maxentius at the Battle of Milivian Bridge in 312 AD. To commenorate this victory, the Senate of Rome awarded Constantine a triumphal arch.
 One may recall that this arch served as the finish line for the marathon at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Although one could see that the Colosseum was huge, unknown to me at the time that it was a large ellipse measuring 616' x 510', with a base of about six acres.

The walkway was picturesque (old) and reminded me of the 8 mile stretch of torturous road at the Mineral Wells Krazy Kicker bicycle tour some years back.

 Construction of the Colosseum was started by Emperor Vespasian in 70 AD and inaugurated in 80 AD. The Colosseum was built as for "entertainment" of the Roman leaders and public. The opening ceremony is documented to have lasted 100 days, and between 5000 and 11,000 wild animals were killed.  

The large perimeter wall structure is made up of three sets of columns, Doric (at the bottom) then the Ionic and then Corinthian. The uppermost section of the perimeter wall is referred to as the attic and was constructed with Corinthian pilasters every second span having a window.  

Having walked the six acres, finally, we see the entrance. Next installment--inside the Colosseum.  


  1. Did you get accosted by men dressed as Gladiators or Roman Soldiers, threatening you with plastic swords, daggers and chains, all for the cost of a photograph?
    You are bringing back so many memories. I want to go back!!!!!!!!

  2. Good morning you two! I am working on a link to your site for the Seven Facts Award. Don't hate me!! The web is unbearably slow here in the out islands, so it will take a long while yet. Have a great day.

  3. @Rosemary. Good morning. In ref to the Gladiators, they are still there. Almost impossible to see without enlarging and zooming, two Gladiators are standing behind the middle carriage in the third picture.

    They always had a crowd around them so I didn't get a good picture.

    Hope you threw your coin in the fountain to return to Rome. Christine wants to go back and spend more time at the Forum now that she can walk with her new hip. So many more things to see.

  4. Thank you, Rosemary of Steadfast Ahoy, for tagging us for the Seven Facts Award game.

    We, too, will have to modify the rules of forwarding to 7 bloggers. As a routine, we comment on two sites, however, we do not have a "vocal" following and unfortunately do not know many other bloggers.

    Our readers seem to hit, look, and silently move on. So we address our seven facts to you. Thanks for yours, and may your time in the tropics continue to be glorious.

    1. We have been road biking and touring for 4 years, have 6 bikes and many saddles.
    2. We have completed the 100 mile route at the Wichita Falls, TX, Hotter'n Hell Hundred--Roy 3 times, Chris twice.
    3. We love biking, snorkeling, cruising, travelling.
    4. We met while serving in the Army (Chris was a 1st Lt., Roy retired as a Maj.).
    5. Christine has a BA in the Teaching of English (correct spelling is still not assured)and taught 4th grade for 10 years.
    6. After the military Roy earned a Master's degree in Counseling and is a National Certified, Licensed Professional, and Licensed Chemical and Dependency Counselor--and still can't figure out Christine.
    7. We used to have two dogs (may they rest in peace) and still have 4 cats--3 princes and 1 princess.

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