Saturday, February 5, 2011

Roaming Rome By Coach

Rome is large, boasting a population of 2.7 million residents. The city covers 496 square miles. Put into our perspective Texas's largest city has only 2.3 million. But, since everything is big in Texas, we spread out for 579 square miles.

One of the good things and bad things of being part of a tour group is that your activities are structured, and there is very little free time. It is good for professionals to plan your time, as you do not have to fret about studying each city to determine what to do. But as everyone knows, some of the best experiences are stumbled upon by accident.
Rosemary from Steadfast Ahoy reported that they were able to tour much of Rome by foot. We were in a time crunch so did not get to discover little nooks and crannies on our own. Instead, we had a tour of the city by coach. Whereas you can cover more territory in a shorter period of time, one is limited as far as photography by one's seat location, speed of movement, lighting, focusing, and so on.
Whining and excuses out of the way, it is hard for a tour of Rome to be dull.
The tour director probably told us about each building and site. I don't remember a thing so a lot of the tour will be without comment, as I forgot what they were.

The pines of Rome.

Hundreds of years of the architecture of Rome.

"Modern" builders incorporated the existing architecture of ancient Rome.

 I do remember the parking situation, and parking spaces were at a premium.

Our destination and home base while in Rome.

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