Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whitter to Denali By Train

This is where we left the cruise. We boarded a train at Whitter, Alaska and were about to embark on a nine hour ride to Denali National Park. The interior mountains and scenery were different from the Inside Passage mountains but were just as beautiful. I was quite pleased with most of the pictures as they were shot through the window of a moving train. We hope everyone enjoys the trip as much as we did.

The dead trees are the result of the 1964 earthquake which dropped the land allowing sea water to invade these low areas.

Marsh land that also allows the hatching of mosquitos. Each year in July a small community has a festival featuring a contest--how many mosquitos can one kill with one swat of the hand. Last year an 11 year old boy won with a grand total of 18 mosquitos.

Fiddlehead ferns lined the rail side for quite a distance.

The river in the photo above this is cloudy with silt showing a glacier fed river. This photo shows a clear snow melt river.

Destination accomplished. Denali Princess Lodge.

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