Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flowers of Alaska 1 of 2

The array of flowers in Alaska amazed and fascinated me. I started taking pictures of flowers in Vancouver and some thought it was a joke. But as I continued, members of our group got into the spirit of the endeavor and soon throughout our Alaska trip it was, "Hey Roy. Did you see the flowers over there?"

We started out to attempt to identify each flower but decided that we would just let the beauty flow. We will attempt to keep our comments to a minimum so as not to alter the mood.

Click on a picture for a much more spectacular view!

Flowers of Alaska 2 of 2 will be published soon.

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  1. Beautiful shots of the Alaskan Flora. My daughter is there as we speak and says it is a gorgeous part of the world. Hope you have an amazing trip. Rosemary