Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scenes of Alaska 2 of 2

Princess Lodge at Mount McKinley. This location is "only" 46 miles from our tallest mountain. We will be closing out the Alaska series with this post. It is hoped that some of the pictures convey the beauty of Alaska and the fun that can be had by touring this lovely state.

The shutters of this cabin demonstrate how to bear-proof your shelter. Long nails are driven through the wood to discourage bears from pushing in the doors or shutters.

Flowers in the wild.

Forget-Me-Nots. Alaska state flower.

Christine's family. Sister Lesley, brother Allen, sister-in-law Cindy, sister Sharon, brother-in-law Bob, and Christine enjoying each other's company. They were laughing so loudly-and much-that people would come out of their rooms to see what was going on. Not sure if the refreshments had anything to do with the gaiety.

One of the many huskies that serve as sled dogs for the Park Rangers. They are stronger than they look.
This one was not chosen to demonstrate the dog sledding so he was just taking it easy.

The Alaska cotton wood. Seeds were blowing in the wind throughout our inland stay. When we were on our biking tour, the guide told us to go ahead and breathe the seeds into our noses. The fluff would provide good insulation from the cold wind.
Trains still provide a lot of the transportation of goods in the state.

There is no story to this shot. I just thought it was pretty.

Scene while we were on a tour.

Mount McKinley

Ready for a raft trip. Allen, Cindy, Christine, and Roy.

Scene from the raft.

Eagle mates were near shore. One flew away right after this shot so it was my only one.

A lot of trees were felled by the river bank from beavers. This tree was one of their more ambitious undertakings.

Flowers outside of a shop in Talkeetna, a quaint little town where the river raft tour ended. We had time to walk around town, visit all the shops (yes, it was that small), and eat at a nice restrauant with outside tables. 
During the bus ride back to our lodge, Mount McKinley was visible again so the driver stopped for us to take some pictures. It is a big deal to see Mount McKinley as it is said that 70% of the visitors do not get to view the mountain due to constant cloud coverage. We were lucky; we were able to see the mountain at various times throughout our stay.

The flowers were reminescent of our Pedal Power Wildflower Ride with the bluebonnets so I had Christine  pose in the flowers--but without cycling kit this time.

Lupines and Shasta daisies. One can tell we were impressed with the flowers.

Flowers in a rock waterfall area.

Eventually we had to start on the return journey. On the train ride back to Anchorage, we passed through a town with which I think the whole world is now familar--Wasilla--where Sarah Palin was mayor.

Flowers outside a museum we visited in Anchorage.

Totem poles outside a state building.

Rainbow over Anchorage--from our hotel window.

The trip was rapidly coming to an end. Sunset taken from a restaurant near our hotel. 
It is fitting to end the Alaska series with a wave of the tail.

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