Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Seven Sisters and Allen Lane

 Seven Sisters
Allen Lane
Saturday September 5, 2015
Both Seven Sisters and Allen Lane are favorites (along with Burma Road and Susan Peak) to practice hill climbs. And it was getting time to start working on hills for the Fort Davis Cyclefest coming up September 19.
Lining up for the ride were Rick, Loyd, Robbie, Christine, Clay, Brian, David, Roy, Jeffri, and Phil. Joining us right after the picture were Stephen and Dorothy. 
 First hill of the Seven Sisters. Kind of bad when the first sister tired me out--only six more sisters and Allen Lane to go. No problem, just 39 more miles.
 Robbie and Dorothy at the junction of 277 and Knickerbocker Road. They planned on turning around at this point--right after our group picture below.
 All accounted for: Rick, Loyd, Stephen, Brian (the helmet behind Stephen), Christine, Phil, David, Jeffri, Clay, Robbie, and Dorothy. 
 First hill of Allen Lane. It stretches for about a mile starting off level, 1%, 2%, 3, 4, and tops at 9%.
It just so happens I have a video below of "Warm-Up Hill".
The first video I prepared was 9 1/2 minutes and my editor slept through 8.5 minutes. So here is 1 minute for her.
 From the top of "warm-up hill", one can glance at a preview of coming attractions. I call the first hill warm up hill as upon reaching the top, one sees there are a long string of ribbons. The series of hills range from 8-13%, so the first one is just a "warm-up".
 I frequently complain about the camera's not giving justice to the inclines. This is one that tops at 13% but in the picture it looks like a speed bump.
Ah. Upon return from Allen Lane, rest stop at Tres Amigos in Christoval. Replenish liquids. Have a treat (mine was a Payday). Too late I spotted one of the riders with an ice cream sandwich. Maybe next time.
The long stretch (about 10 miles) of Seven Sisters. Named for seven very similar hills (about 6% grade each).
Finish line at the "town" of Knickerbocker. Great ride. Great group of riders. Great hill practice. Nap time.

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