Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mount Locke Race 2015

Mount Locke Race
Sunday, September 20, 2015
Fort Davis, Texas
No, the picture is not a recycle of last year's photos. Once again, we had clouds so heavy it was hard to see. 
 In the lower areas, the cloud cover was not as heavy. One could still see the Visitors' Center area from which the 1 1/2 mile racers would start.
 Shortly after the 9 a.m. start time, we heard someone yell, "Rider Up".
I got the person in my view finder and saw Brian!! I got so excited I filmed a tree. Luckily Christine also had a camera and got a good picture of Brian coming out of the clouds.
  Brian was on cloud nine--and for good reason. Congratulations to the 2015 Mt. Locke 1 1/2 mile race WINNER.
Having finished, Brian was able to go down and cheer the remaining riders onward.
This lady was first in the women's division.
 After the 1 1/2 mi. riders finished, we heard another "Rider Up" This gentleman was the leader of the 7 1/2 mile race.
Finishing strong was Marlon Miller from San Angelo.
Rick Ogan also finished strongly. He later told me that he felt as if he could go for another mile. Me, I can't even walk up the mountain.
 As I recall, this was the lady winner of the 7 1/2 mile race. She doesn't even look out of breath.
Unlike some riders--sweat as chilly as it was? Yep. We saw a lot of perspiration that morning.

Not all could make it up that 17% grade. Good job just getting that far.
Demonstration of how some feel after the grueling race. I heard a clatter of some bikes and thought someone had fallen. Nope, just their bikes. Another rider is on the ground just to the right of the pickup.   
Three winners in my eyes: Rick Ogan, Brian Backlund, and Marlon Miller.
Brian gets recognition for his great achievement. Accomplishments were recognized down at the Visitor Center parking lot.
Entertainment (we were told he was stretching his diaphragm) by one of the riders. He told me he had studied at least 5 years, and he was good.

We pulled up beside Rick as he was going back to the Prude Ranch. The smile on his face was one of accomplishment--and thinking of the upcoming lunch at the Fort Davis Drug Store.
If one ever travels through Fort Davis, stop at the Drug Store and get one of their milk shakes.
Do you think I go back ever year to torture my body with the 75 mile ride over the Davis Mountains? No, it is for the milk shake as my reward.


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