Thursday, May 8, 2014

St. Lucia (2) Qualibou Volcano

 St. Lucia
 Why get off the ship with on-board scenery such as this?
 We were eager to see the island so we did leave the ship in the beautiful harbor.
 We were on a tour that went from Castries (where we docked) through the mountainous interior to Soufriere. On the way we would see the Qualibou volcano and the Morne Coubaril Plantation.
 The drive was very scenic.
 Pollination of banana trees.

 Yes, it is what it looks like. No, we didn't ask the driver to stop.
 A little easier on the eyes.
 Our first glimpse of the twin Pitons (spikes, in French) and the city of Soufriere. The larger is Gros Piton and the smaller Petit Piton.  
 We finally arrived at the Qualibou volcano (Sulfur Springs Volcano). The caldera (large crater formed by volcanic explosion) is shown here. It is sometimes touted as an active volcano and sometimes inactive.
 With sulfuric steam and boiling water coming to the surface, I will go along with active.
 The obligatory vendors at every attraction.
Waterfall along the staircase for a view from the top.

Hopefully discernable are the many colors as a result of sulfur, iron, calcium oxide, copper oxide, magnesium, carbon and other minerals deposited there.

Caught a humming bird in flight. Of course it was planned (translation: if you shoot enough pictures, you get lucky sometimes).

Some time back they would let people walk in the active area. However, a guide was jumping on a slab by a steaming water hole, fell in and had severe burns on the lower half of his body. Viewing is from afar now. 
On the way out, another waterfall adorned the area. As much as we would have like to linger, it was time to head toward the plantation.

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