Tuesday, May 6, 2014

St. Lucia (1)

 St. Lucia
Coming into the St. Lucia harbor, the island looked "like the rest". The islands are either uplifted coral reef or built up by volcanic eruptions. St. Lucia is a product of volcanic origin, one of which we were going to get to see. However, I get ahead of myself. 
 As we approached our docking station, I occupied myself with my routine. Standing on the balcony and taking pictures of whatever the particular island has to offer. An airplane was on a runway and it intrigued me as it was the first "airport" seen on the trip. 
 Soon I was back to the norm, taking shots of the houses or businesses that line a shore.
 But the airplane that was thinking about taking off still kept my interest.
 Wait a minute. That is the take-off/landing strip! I hoped our slow entry into the port would continue as I had to see the outcome.
 The pilot was probably as nervous as I was as he was using all of the available strip. 
 As it turns out, Liat, the Caribbean island air service uses a STOL (short take off and landing) turbo prop plane. Thank goodness.
This story has a happy ending. The plane took off, and headed toward its next island destination. The passengers may breathe again until it is time to land.
We were about to land (dock) at our port and Christine and I have a tour lined up so it was time to go inside to get ready for our next adventure.

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