Sunday, March 18, 2012

Willow City Loop to THE HILL

At the bottom of the nice downhill is the turn off to get onto the Willow City Loop.
We didn't get very far before I had to stop and take some pictures.

We think this is a buttercup.
Crash? No, we found another nice spot. Have I mentioned we weren't in a hurry? This was a real stop and "smell the flowers" ride.
Wilbur, who is from Minnesota, quickly found out how some Texas cactus seeds are spread. He just barely got close to the cactus and some of the prickly, red seed pods attached themselves to his clothing.

Can you guess the direction of the prevailing wind?
Nature's recipe for nice flowers. Adequate rain, good soil, and natural fertilizer.

Time to move on, but I notice Wilbur and Christine looking at the stand of flowers coming up.

The sweet smell of blue bonnets. Better than Miller Time.
Even the white prickly poppies were beautiful.

Nice rollers on a very scenic road.
 The rock piles were just lined up in the pasture. Anyone in the market for red sandstone?
During rains this should be a pretty waterfall. The potholes still have water from the last rain.

Some more good rollers.
Even the yuccas were in bloom.
I thought this cow was standing in the blue bonnet patch to pose for passing tourists. However, as I rode on from taking her picture, I noticed she was guarding a small calf in the underbrush. I was glad I stayed my distance.
Wilbur passing another blue bonnet patch. It was a dream ride.
THE HILL loomed on the horizon.

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