Sunday, March 18, 2012

Willow City Hill to Willow City

THE HILL starts deceptively with a slight incline. However, this is the last picture before the first stopping point near the top.
Christine stopped some ways back as the hill started its steepest incline. My Garmin registered 15% grade. The first time I went up this hill a few years ago, I reported that I went 2.9 mph--and stayed upright. It was on an organized ride and I just barely passed a person pushing her bike up the hill. I am happy to report that I went up the hill much faster this year but not ready to reveal my speed. Translation--still laughable if you are a young speedster. (Editor's note: I could better enjoy the blue bonnets while walking.)
Christine noticed that I was taking pictures so she struck her "I am just smelling the flowers" pose. Wilbur is coming into the picture.
Wilbur still pedaling strong. Great job as recumbents are not noted for hill climbing but are really fast on declines partly due to their low center of gravity.
Christine caught her breath and continued the climb.
 Wilbur did not stop to take a breather but did emit a small groan as I informed him we were not yet to the top.
 Nature's sculpture.

 Top of the hill.
A young Indian paint brush. Isn't nature marvelous?
 Had to throw this in as we must have gone over 10 cattle guards, and this was the last one before rolling into Willow City.
 Plow sculpture courtesy of

We saw the tent and table set up in the morning but could not figure out for what event. Pedal Power Wildflower had been cancelled. The LBJ 100 was not until next weekend. So we were impressed to discover the rest stop was for the Race Across America cyclists. The only two bikers who came in while we were there were a couple on a tandem. Later, as we were leaving, we passed more riders headed toward the rest stop.
We will end our story with more wildflower shots.
We hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as we did.

As spectatular as the blue bonnets were, it is still early in the season, and more should be blooming soon!


  1. Wow! After seeing last year's pictures, it's hard to believe all of the beautiful flowers you have there. Too bad the organized ride was cancelled.
    If Christine is walking up that 15% hill, I know I would definitely be walking my bike too, but it sounds like your off-season training is paying off.

  2. @Edie. This coming Saturday will reveal whether my off-season training pays off--or if I have just been having fun.