Saturday, January 28, 2012

San Angelo High School Mountain Bike Race Team

San Angelo is in the process of forming a high school mountain bike race team. Justin Smith of Concho Bikes is heading up the team and is in the process of lining up team members and a coaching staff. Lots of work to do as the season's first race is March 11, in Burnet, Texas.

Pedal Pushers is proud to announce that we will be one of the sponsors for the team. We have only recently begun to mountain bike, and anyone who has read any of our mountain bike stories (or road for that matter) knows that we are not racing material. But we are highly interested in all forms of biking and like to further the sport anyway we can.

The team's being new means that it does not have a lot of resources at the present. There will be team jerseys to acquire, road trips for the team and their families, entry fees, and on and on. And Justin is determined that anyone who wishes to participate but doesn't have a mountain bike should not be excluded. Also, it would be desireable to have access to stationary bikes should the weather preclude outdoor practice. Translation, the team will need a lot of financial help.

As mentioned, Pedal Pushers is one of the sponsors and would like to help the team as much as possible. Thus, we have come upon an idea that we hope readers and friends of biking will like and that will help the team. We think it would be wonderful if people just sent in $1.00 to help support the team. (All donations are tax exempt). We have set up a list on the sidebar and will post the names and locations of the donors (like, Roy Jones, San Angelo, Texas).

And should anyone wish to participate in a "raffle", every donation of $5.00 increments will qualify the donor for a chance to win a Pedal Pushers jersey. For example: $20.00 donation=4 chances.
Pedal Pushers jersey pictures: Christine and me at the Ballinger Bikefest.
 Brian Backlund at Peach Pedal
 Sizes available:(Club fit) Med, Lg, XL

A separate sidebar has been set up for the ones participating in the jersey raffle. The drawing will made by one of the team members at the State Championship race on April 29, at Warda, Texas.

For anyone who wishes to participate, there is a Paypal button on the top right, or you can send the tax exempt donation by mail to Justin Smith, % Concho Bike, 2015 Austin St., San Angelo, Texas 76903.

As the team is formed and progresses we hope to run stories of about the team. It should be a lot of fun. In the meantime, more information may be found at:!/sanangelomtb (facebook San Angelo Highschool Mountain Bike) (San Angelo Standard-Times article by Bill Cullins)

 ( (Texas High School Mountain Bike League website)


  1. @Rosemary: Thanks. I hope the team members will realize that racing is not just about winning. The kids will experience belonging to a team and share in the value of encouraging each other to do one’s best. The experiences will be life-long memories of not only team work but also the benefit of meeting other kids at the events. A great introduction to a healthy activity.