Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Group Road Bike Ride, 2012

A good lead sentence should have been, "It was a beautiful day, sunny, and a 5 mph wind." Conditions couldn't have been better...
OK, the temperature was in the 60's which made it cold (chilly) for us Texans, but who could stay indoors with a 5 mph wind? We don't see many of these days, so 10 of us decided to brave the chill and try to overcome the Thanksgiving/Christmas excesses. (Current weight was one of the main topics at re-grouping areas)
 Rick Ogan led out and set a brisk pace. Note his suitcase for a saddle pack.
 Soon, Rick and Brian Backlund were setting a brisk pace. I was just happy to keep them in camera range.
 Rick and Brian stopped on top of "The Hill" more out of tradition of re-grouping rather than necessity.
 Mike Blakeman finishing what is called "The Hill". Cameras do not accurately portray what bikers overcome. For instance, as far back as can be seen, the road starts a progressive incline. At the peak of the incline, my Garmin read 10% when I downloaded.
 Backing up just a bit, coming up the hill are Mark Seals, Velma Ogan, and Mike. During the re-group period, of course, the conversation was how the hill was rougher with the extra 10 pounds we may have been carrying compared to last year's rides.
 Going down the hill, Brian eased up so I could pass and take a photo.
Velma on the other hand never eases up. I had to peddle like crazy to get a profile shot.
Next stop. Christine and Mike rolling into the little town of Knickerbocker.
 Liz Rappe (right) shows Mark some damage to her rear wheel from her trainer. Liz met us at Knickerbocker to ride Guinn Road with us. 
 Rick and Velma. By this time it was getting warmer and Velma stored her jacket in Rick's "suitcase."
Fresh on the ride, Liz led out down Guinn Road.
 At the turn around point on Guinn Road (pavement turns to caliche road), Jerry Middleton came riding in. Jerry was to meet us at Knickerbocker. When it didn't look as if he were going to show, we took off. Jerry, I still don't have your cell phone number to coordinate. We would have waited...
 Mike reaching the turn around point.
 As well as Christine.
 Leading off this time was Velma. She had caught her second wind and was heading home. About 15 miles remaining.
 Jerry was about to leave us at the next intersection to cut across Dove Creek settlement to his house.
 At Jerry's turn off road, I wanted everyone to see even though we are still brown, we have had some moisture already this year and the tire tracks prove it.
 Besides rain, this was our back yard less than two weeks ago. Maybe we will have bluebonnets again this year.
Mike and Rick on a cool down lap at the equalization bridge staging area. Great way to start a year. Good ride. Good weather. Good roads. Great company.


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  2. Like horses heading back to the barn, riders on their way home usually come up with second winds to get them there. I see that by the half-way point, you guys had warmed up enough to peel off some layers. Great exercise. I've been doing lazy laps in the marina pools here. Lovin' it.