Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Group Ride...Brrr

David Durbin, Steve Sloan, Rick Ogan, Velma Ogan, Joel Usher, Bill Yohman, Roy Jones 
Labor Day was coming up so it was a great opportunity to hold a group ride and start a little later than our norm. Ten of us (three not shown) responded for a proposed 45 mile ride.
 But a funny thing happened over the weekend. A "cold" front moved in plummeting our temperature down to 67 degrees at start time. Now I know that some of our friends from up North such as Wilbur from Minnesota, Edie from Massachusetts, or Rosemary from Canada think 67 is balmy. Not for some of us Texans. I had a long sleeve jersey on not for sun protection. Note Debbie in a light jacket, and Christine in long sleeves.
Debbie, Donna, and Christine had previously decided to just do a 20 mile out and back on Door Key Road, the rest of us came up 277 to the end of Door Key and back. On the return, we met up at the 277/Door Key Road intersection and some of us re-evaluated our plans. The wind had picked up to 20-21 mph and the remaining 12-13 miles would have been straight into the wind. Note Debbie in the pickup huddled up and David with arms crossed. The temp had increased to 70 by this time but with a NNE wind of 21, it was still chilly. 
 I did not have to ask Christine, Bill, or Debbie to demonstrate the weather conditions.
When one has been riding in 100-109 temperatures and then a drop to the 60-70's, we were cold.
So some of opted to ride back with the girls and wait for our temperatures to get back into at least the 90's! Yup, "Texas is a whole other country," and Texans are different, too. 


  1. man! after 45 miles you would be smoking. I will always remember the climb (on bikes) to the ruins of the Marquis du Sade's castle. Four of us were sweating like it was hot, hot, hot. Along came some tourists by car. They were bundled up like it was COLD! Nobody alive (in Canada) goes biking in temps of 100 or more. Mad dogs and Englishmen, and all that.
    Tell Christine, we were away so much last winter (all of it) that we are still working on last year's Rumtoff. Good thing it was a vintage brew -- tee hee.

  2. I was talking to some people here in Massachusetts about the drought in your area. We just had 3 days of soaking rain and temps that never reached 70 degrees so we finally started dusting off our jackets as well. We would be thrilled to be able to get some of this rain to you if we could.

  3. @Edie. We watch the news of the flooded areas of the country with envy. How sick is that?

  4. @Rosemary. I finished my rumtoff and have started this year's batch. This time I am going to use rum instead of flavored brandy. And going easy on the cherries. :)