Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hotter'n Hell Hundred...The People

 The wonderful world of the cycling community. Biking, as well as life, has its ups and downs. This HHH was one of the ultimate UPs. Pictured with Christine and me is Edie McKearney of Plainsville, Massachusetts.
Meeting up with Edie was one of the highlights of the event. Late last year, Edie posted on one of my blog pages that she was a triathlete and was thinking of attending this year's HHH. To make a long story short, Edie started posting her training efforts on her blog,
Edie and Christine
Back to the story, Edie is a witty, humorous, story teller who tries hard but doesn't take herself too seriously. We became almost what you would call pen pals over the course of her training. She had to put up with snow, ice, rain, bike problems, riding mishaps--but you would have to read her blogs on the above site to fully appreciate her trials and tribulations.
I was so happy when a local reporter came up to us Saturday afternoon after the ride and wanted an interview. Quickly, Christine and I pointed to Edie noting that she was from Massachusetts. Edie got the interview and it was published in the Wichita Falls newspaper on Sunday. 

It was really great meeting up with Edie. It was like visiting with a old friend. I know we will be corresponding with Edie, and we hope to see her lined up for the 100 miles again next year.
Mark Seals, Brian Backlund, David Durbin
Almost immediately after entering the vendor area Friday afternoon, we came across three San Angelo friends. Shopping is one of the many reasons HHH appeals to riders.
But what they were really looking at were the HHH special edition bicycles manufactured just for the event. With the low, discounted price tag of $10,000, I would presume all of the bikes were scoffed up quickly.
The HHH official website stated that 13,241 cyclers registered this year. All but 241 were in the vendor area on Friday afternoon.
I kept trying to get a good shot of Christine (middle in green) but she was going from one vendor to the next so fast I couldn't keep up.
And then we came across two other riders from San Angelo, Gene Potter and Gary. Gene and Gary, if one recalls, were two of the cyclists we met while on the ride when San Angelo finally got rain, and we got WET.
If it is bicycle related, one can buy it at the vendors area.
And this is just some of the outside vendors.
Ed Todd
We met up with Ed, a friend from Midland, while eating our spaghetti dinner at the event. Ed, a reporter for the Midland Reporter and Telegraph, is also one of the riders you may recall from last year's Fort Davis Cyclefest in September. In that blog Ed was pictured in his Mount Locke finisher's hat after the 1 1/2 mile race up Mt. Locke's 17% grade. I think he said he was going to try it again this year. Watch for it in a couple of weeks.

Fom the left, shown are September Summers, Tamra Roberts, and Shane Plymell. Tamra and Shane had just finished the Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain Bike Race. One would have to enlarge the picture but Tamra's jersey looked as if she had rolled in the mud. And she has said yes, indeed, she rolled in the mud as she flew over her handle bars after a rider did an unsafe maneuver causing her to hit her brakes too hard.
 Jack Lomax
And we thought our rodeo bull riders were tough. Look closely at Jack's left hand. He finished the race with a broken collar bone. And his time was 4:05!! Hats off to Jack.
 Upon getting Christine to leave the vendor building, we were able to watch some of the crit races. Above is the leader of the women's crit. Upon last count, she was about 40 seconds ahead of the pack and actually lapped some of the other riders.
And here she is at the winner's dias.  
 All three did an outstanding job.
 Men's crit line up.
 The men's pack is closer together than the womens' crit.
  Close to the end of the race, but pictures out of sequence, we headed over to the mountain bike race area and were able to catch Tamra and Shane.

Then it was off to the hotel room to rest up for our big day on Saturday.


  1. Truth be told, if I took myself seriously, I'd have to be seriously medicated for all that doesn't go as planned.

    Kidding aside, it was great to finally meet you guys in person and a true highlight for me in what was a whirlwind week. Let's do it again some time.

  2. Wow, a mere $10,000 for a bike as handsome as that! Great shots of the race.

  3. ps, I want to come to Texas too. I'll meet you and Christine for dinner in the nearest nice restaurant after your race. There's no way EVER that I would be biking more than 50 km. every again!!!!!

  4. @Rosemary. I do hope you can make it to Texas. It would be great to meet you--and exchange rumtoph recipes!! May I entice you with the presentation of a 4-cherry pitter?

    You know there is a 25 mile ride at HHH. Would give you a taste of the excitement and leave you plenty of energy left to SHOP. Christine.