Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From San Angelo

Christmas Lights along the Concho River. Every year there are some favorite activities in San Angelo, Texas that we would like to share. First, the bicycle club hosted a Christmas Lights Bike Tour along the Concho River. The next week we participated in the Run Rudolph Run hosted by the San Angelo Road Lizards (rumming club), and then we were among the hosts for the annual "Sierra Lights" on our cul-de-sac. 

This year I got to portray Santa in each of the events.
First try at Santa costume. Next event we added a moustache.
And Mrs. Claus.

At the bicycle event, first I handed out candy to all the kids (and big kids), then when it was start time, led the kids past the light show. The city blocks traffic from the tour while we safely ride our bikes to the end and back.

After the ride, hot chocolate and cookies were available for all. It was good wholesome family fun.

When we participated in the Run Rudolph Run event, I was so busy handing out jingle bells for the shoes, later candy, and then letting the kids (and big kids) sit on my knee for photo ops (and to find out what the kids wanted for Christmas). They wanted cute things.

I had only one break at the run event, and the excitement for some of us was that a little fox we disturbed ran atop the building and then along the railroad tracks. I was able to take only one shot as he wanted to be away from all the people.
There was a big crowd for the run. I had 120 jingle bells, gave them all out, and people continued showing up. Good turn out San Angelo!

Next we went to our own annual event-Sierra Lights. Every year our neighborhood decorates and then invites the public to our cul-de-sac to listen to a bell choir, have hot chocolate or coffee, eat cookies and other goodies made by the neighborhood ladies. One neighbor had a chocolate fountain with marshmallows. And I was in a white beard and moustache!! Dilemma--do I stay in character and get chocolate in my beard/moustache or forgo the goodies this year. San Angelo, you owe me!! 

And then to the street party.
Ho Ho Ho
Part of the cul-de-sac with Mrs. Claus.
Instead of the bell choir, this year a choral group from Midland came down and sang for about two hours. Thanks.
And thanks to Dr. Allen who once again from our front yard played Christmas carols on his sax.
Neighbors Sherri and Bill with Mrs. Claus.
From our street to your street;
Merry Christmas!!

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