Saturday, December 11, 2010

Innsbruck, Austria

Following the inspirational Passion Play, it was time to move on in our journey. I had to take one last shot of a view of Oberammergau before heading to Verona, Italy via Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck was the home of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics and many of the structures are still prominent in the city.
Some of the first snowfall in the mountains. It was the latter part of September after all. I was focused on the pretty mountain and snowfall, I wish I had seen the sign on the lower left and captured it and the flavor of the countryside.
We finally arrived at Innsbruck, and if the picture were larger I could prove it by the picture frame label. Also not clearly seen in the small shot is Christine sporting her new Alpine hat.

After a short tour by a guide, we were left on our own to wander through the town. So of course lunch was in order. Below is an example of what you get when you order just tea. I should Texas when one orders tea you get a big glass of iced tea usually with free refills.
However, Christine has no such problem as she can order her beverage in many different languages.

Bier, bitte.

Of course we have our row houses in places such as Boston, Washington, DC and elsewhere, but the row houses, buildings, and stores in Europe always fascinated me. They were so colorful and seemingly well maintained for their age.

People are interesting and watching them can be a lot of fun.
Well, he used to be a "people".
I forgot if the little girl was running from-or to-mommy.
A different mix of people and they all looked happy.
Except for Miss Goldilocks. Must have been sitting in Papa's chair.
You will have to trust me that the sheep grazing on the hillside (little white dots in center) was a peaceful sight and just on the outshirts of a large city such as Innsburck. We must get a camera with powerful zoom lenses before out next vacation.

Peaceful also describes the feeling seeing the plentiful number of churches in Europe.

All looked inviting and seemed to invite one in. So we did.
We had to meet up with the group and were out of time. It is impossible to take in all the city has to offer in a short while, but we enjoyed the time that we had. Next stop Verona, Italy.


  1. Christine, did you get a "broom" for your alpine hat?

  2. I thought you had to hunt a boar or a deer or something to wear that. No, I've collected a few pins from our '04 and most recent trips to Germany, so, naturally, had to have a hat on which to pin them! Have also added some of the pins we've collected from our bicycle tours. Don't know if I'll ever get a dirndle to go with the hat.

    Thanks for asking about the hip. Have done so well that all I get are warnings about not overdoing it. Roy does a really good job watching out for me. After "rolling a tendon" (ouch) in my last pysical therapy session have very good reason to let time heal me.

    Hope your renovations are going well.