Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Munich, Germany

Town Hall Square is a major attraction in Munich, especially at noon. Bells chime and the figures in the windows put on a great show. Not shown, in one window two Knights on horses joust. Eventually the good guy knocks the bad guy off his saddle.

 Upon the battle field victory, the merriment in the windows continues. Quite a show and a delight to tourists and locals.

So many of the structures are right out of a fairy tale book, or the fairy book copied the structures.
Many of the streets are very narrow, but somehow they can get two cars, three motor scooters and four bicycles seemingly to occupy the same space.
What was amazing, not once did I see a car or other vehicle with a dented fender.
I finally figured out that many of the cars are disposable and you just leave them by the trash bin.
All of Europe was big on statues.
I think the ancients knew that one day we would all have Brownie cameras so their time and effort was not wasted on great statues.

The third floor of Hofbrauhaus where tour groups dined. All the beer in Germany is sehr gut! The helpful little man sign is behind me.

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