Thursday, October 14, 2010

Culture Shock--Intro to Germany

Yes, we have been to Germany before but one's (my) memory fades about certain things. And bathroom particulars did not stick with me over the years.

We arrived in Munich early in the morning and, therefore, too early to check into the hotel. So we were able to tour Munich. Lunch time found us at Hofbrauhaus. Hofbrauhaus is a famous brewery and has giagantic dining halls. Being a large party, we were on the upper floor of the building.

Just before being served, I had to go. I looked all around for a sign that said "Restrooms," but in vain. Finally, I spied a sign that reassured me that I was in luck and would soon find relief.

I was amazed that the feeling and expression of empathy was universal. The universal sign that I saw was:
Whether in Germany or San Angelo, Texas, we all share the same feelings.

  I started toward the door that the sign was over and knew I had to go down the stairs. After one flight of stairs, there was another sign assuring me I was headed in the right direction.
After going down three flights of stairs, sure enough I saw a door with a man on it and big letters saying W.C. Now I knew from our last trip that W.C. stood for water closet, and you just have to make sure there is a picture of a man and not a lady.

I went back upstairs and took my seat at the dining table. Christine asked if I found the restroom all right, and I said, "Yes, I just followed the little man running. But I haven't seen a sign with a lady running yet".

Christine looked at me like I had gone mad, then politely informed me that the sign was a fire exit.

Details, details, it lead me where I wanted to go. 


  1. Hilarious!! I don't do beer, but the Germans make outstanding white wine. :) Have one for me.

  2. Hi Christine and Roy,
    I really enjoyed this, especially as I'm a German myself. Great story!
    Best regards from southern Texas,