Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New Bike

By Christine
Ruby Comp Compact—"The re-designed Ruby works hard to make the long road feel short. With true Encurance Road geometry, a women’s FACT carbon frame and complete synergy of compliance and stiffness, you couldn’t ask for a more comfortable, stable, or better performing vehicle for all journeys on the road".

So says the Specialized web site description of my new bike.

I was nearly in despair. There was a prospect of needing to abandon my “cycling career,” not because of clicking knees or an inevitable hip replacement, but because arthritic thumb joints made shifting,  braking, and long rides quite painful. Riding over our super chunky chip seal and broken pavement was becoming unbearable. Recently, I shortened a ride we’ve done many times in the past to take the smooth pavement of Hwy 277 back home because my hands hurt so much, and I’m a farm girl who grew up uncomplaining after falling on gravel, walking barefoot occasionally on thistles, catching an arm or leg while climbing over or through barbed wire. I used to pride myself not being a whiner when it came to pain.

Shouting to the cycling world: there is hope for old and young alike! Technology is a wonderful blessing. I am the grateful owner of a 2011 Specialized Ruby Comp Compact.

What rocks my world is the vibration dampening quality of the carbon body and gel inserts in the seat post, fork, and frame.

Seat Post Gel is right under the curve. I think they call them Zerts, but don't quote me.

Fork Gel makes a little elbow in the fork.

More Gel to help dampen vibrations.

Can you hear my sighs of relief and see my big smile? This bike will keep this oldie cycling for a couple of more decades at least.

Looking for a comfortable saddle? The Terry Falcon I am currently using is comfortable in that it is not so hard on my hip joint, just other parts of my anatomy. But, with the carbon frame with Zerts inserts, I was so happy with my first ride on this bike that I wasn’t even thinking about saddle comfort. The truth is that you may never find a comfortable saddle, but you surely can have a comfortable ride.

The sales hype is actually true. Say, Specialized should hire me to do a commercial for them. Riders such as I aren’t fast, we just like to ride. It is especially gratifying when the ride is painless.

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