Friday, August 13, 2010

Melon Patch Post Script

One of the neat things about organized tours is the friendly people you meet on a ride. Some of these same people you are lucky enough to come across on other tours. This year, for example, we have talked about meeting Charlie and Becky Davis from Abilene and, recently, Martin Robertson (of cowboy boot/hat fame).

A meeting at the De Leon Melon Patch tour was another example of interesting and friendly people who ride for fun and are truly interested in the sport. The case in point, Martha Dorow and friend Marie from Austin were mentioned in the Melon Patch "flat tire episode".

From the original photo file--Left, Martha Dorow and Marie.

Martha was kind enough and took the time to contact us and send us a few pictures she had taken during the tour.

The view of the line-up from Martha's start position which was way back from where I had lined up. So how did they get ahead of us? It is all Chuck's fault for making me feel obligated (guilty?) to stop at Rest Stop #1and linger there just for him. Am I absolved yet Chuck?

Marie continued her smiling demeanor and upbeat attitude even when she had her flat. At the "flat location", Martha mentioned that it was a shame as this was Marie's first ride. I assumed organized ride because she was ahead of us on the route.

Marie and Rick. Rick has a technique of changing a tube using no tools. I have tried it to no avail. I think it is the wrist action and strong fingers and thumbs. Leaves me dependent upon tools.

 Mark (on right) and moi (Roy). I can not speak for Mark, but obviously I went into another of my trances. Would you believe (anyone who knows me) that I did not notice Martha's taking a picture of Rick or us?

But I appreciate Martha's taking the time to look us up and send her pictures. Thanks. Maybe our paths will cross at Hotter'n Hell Hundred.

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  1. We will be at HH100 - look forward to seeing you there! Martha & Marie