Saturday, July 21, 2018

Crazy Summer

For those who occasionally click on Pedal Pushers to see if there is a new ride posted, it has been a slim summer. Trips, vacation, family reunions, and graduations have blocked some of our planned tours...not to mention that Christine is still in physical therapy due to her shoulder replacement.

So, I have been riding locally with a great group of people but haven't been taking my camera along. A "word" description of a ride is just not the same in my opinion. So, very few posts.

At the present time, it appears that our next tour will be the Hotter'n Hell Hundred in August. Looking forward to it and hope to get some good pics for a post.

P.S. One of our rides this past week started as the temperature reached a record 109 degrees F. However, because of our wind, it "feels like 107."

Hope everyone else is having good rides this summer.

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