Monday, March 5, 2018

Arden Road

 Arden Road
March 3, 2018
San Angelo, Texas
Nice turn out despite the overcast, possibility of showers, and a 16 mph wind. Conditions did not deter Jeffri, Mel, Brian, Tyler, Rick, Carlos, Dan and LeAnn, as well as Adam. 
 We were headed for an out and back on Arden Road. About half were going to turn around at mile 10 or 15, and the rest were going out for 20.
 I am not sure if the overcast "blurred" my pictures but if I deleted the usual out-takes, I would have about 5 pictures. So?--you say. Personally I like photos so I can refer to them later as my memory dims. 
 Rick in the lead. I would blame the rough road for this blur but some of my still shots are no better. If anyone has a solution for better shots, let me know. 
 Just ahead of me was Carlos. This was Carlos's first ride with us and he was good. Hope he returns.
 Jeffri hanging in there. What hill?
 Tyler leading up. This was our first hill. Not too tough but long.
 Adam, Dan and LeAnn.
 Mel's victory.
 You can't tell but Jeffri still had a smile on her face.
 Just before Burma Road, a sign alerted us to construction ahead. 
 Too early to tell if they are widening the bridge or building a new one. We have another ride this direction planned for April so maybe the mystery will be solved. 
 Burma Road was the planned turn around for the "short route" riders. However, some wanted to do a 30 and some decided to turn around at the Arden ghost town.
 Mel hit his 15 mile mark and he and Jeffri did the 30.
 Brian kept going toward the 20 mile mark.
 The road doesn't look too bad but it jarred us for 40 miles. 
 Arden is a series of rollers but only three "tough" hills. 
 16 mph crosswind felt like it was in our face coming and going.
 The closer we get to Mertzon, the steeper the hills become.
 Right before Mertzon there are two good hills. Although it looks tame in the picture, this is one of the good ones.
 Brian finishing the last tough hill before our turn around. 
 Tyler and I both appreciated the vista before our descent. For about the next 3-4 miles, the descent is such that you really didn't have to pedal. Which of course meant we had to pedal UP those 3-4 miles and that was some of the pictures without comment previously.  
 Heading back.
"Five more miles".

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