Sunday, January 21, 2018

Door Key Road

 Door Key Road
San Angelo, Texas 
January 20, 2018
Lined up ready for the ride are Martha, Mel, Christine, Tyler, Adam, Ann, Jeffri, and Dorothy. Through a mix up, David, Rick, and Brian were already down the road.
 As with most of our rides, we try to start on a relatively flat road leading to rollers. Door Key is perfect for that. 
 It was a beautiful day with the temperature a little over 70 and just a 16 mph SSW wind. 
 Door Key is a good prep for the different tours. The long rollers range from 3-6%...
 and always look flat even though they aren't.
 Oh great. Another one of our roads fell victim to the recent freeze.
  I asked a friend who has several large 18 wheelers if he ever sank in a road. Yes. When it rains and the moisture gets under the pavement, then a freeze; the ice pushes the pavement up. When it starts to thaw and a large truck travels on the road, the truck tires just sink into the ground. 
 Thankfully, not many miles of the road had damage.
Ever wonder why we get so excited when we visit other places that have trees over 10 feet tall?
 Tyler zipping along in the lead. Upcoming hill was a long incline topping at 6%. Normally no big deal except 6% with a 16 mph wind in your face makes it seem twice as long.  
 And the skies are not cloudy all day. 
 Nearing the end of the first leg. 
 The gate marks the boundary line of a ranch thus making a good turn around point at a about 14.36 miles from the cars. 
 Tyler and Adam take the lead for the sweet, "downhill," wind to the back return.

A post script that Christine wants to add for any new riders: don't apply the disc brakes while making a U Turn. She doesn't want me to tell the rest of the story.  : )

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