Friday, December 29, 2017

Copenhagen (and Godt Nytar)

Copenhagen, Denmark 
June 2016
Palace Hotel where we stayed on our pre-cruise days.
Nyhaven or New Harbor is a popular tourist attraction: colorful buildings line the canal and it still has small-vessel traffic.
 Lots of bicycle traffic, also.
  A lot of the buildings are now restaurants, but one of them was the home of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, best remembered for his fairy tales.
 City Hall.
 Tivoli is a famous amusement park. Disney was inspired by Tivoli and used some of its features in constructing his Disneyland. Another European structure, Castle Neuschwanstein of Bavaria inspired his famous Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Christine loves museums and this one was close to our hotel. She spent a delightful morning looking at all the artifacts, and I had a "delightful" lunch at their caf√©.  

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