Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tour de Agua

Tour de Agua
Dublin, Texas
June 10, 2017
Attendance from San Angelo include Christine
Jeffri (she wasn't aware she was posing for public media)
And David with whom I chose to ride today.
 Line up was for an 8 a.m. staggered start.
I hadn't attended the Dublin ride since it was called Tour de Pepper. Dr. Pepper was first bottled in Dublin beginning in 1891. Long story but Dublin can't use of the name or logo "Dr. Pepper," so now the ride is a charitable event to buy water filters.
Since I haven't been to this ride in a few years, I am not sure if the attendance was good or bad. If one could have ridden and didn't, one missed a good ride. OK, it was windy, but it's west Texas...what's new? Ride choices were 62, 37, and 9 miles. All of us from San Angelo chose the 37 miles. Trust me, it had enough hills and into-the-wind miles to keep one challenged. 
As per routine, I wait until we start spreading out before attempting any pictures. This was a few miles out of town and I was still trying to catch up to David who shot out of the chute like a calf roper.
It is lonely and lovely when in between the fast and the slower riders. 
 Eventually I caught up with David. Wind still in our face. As a matter of fact, there were just short lengths of road that were with the wind.
Ho hum. Another hill that the camera makes look tame. However, the Garmin had the "good" hills ranging from 6-14%. So, again, trust me, not the camera. 
Dublin did not have a shortage of rest stops. Some were just 6 miles from the last. But did David stop? No, but just for the record, I did.
 David was relentless and kept passing riders. I began to wonder if he was making a run for race placement. So I just tried to hang on for the ride. At some mile, the 37 and 62 routes split. The riders in front of us kept going straight for the 62 mile. I remarked to David that we had been chasing the 62 milers.
Eventually we spotted some riders in the distance so the "race" was back on.
David, as mentioned was relentless. I stopped at the next rest stop.
And who arrived at the rest stop also? And making the ride look easy. Couldn't be Christine.
 Out of fairness, there were some good downhills on the ride. Just not enough of them.
And out of fairness, there were some flat areas.
Just not enough flat miles as one can see an incline in the distance.
And another. I thought I took a picture of the "14%" grade hill, but couldn't find it after downloading. Could be one of these "tame" hills that the camera likes to document. 
 Soon after this picture, David and I split. (Story below).
 About 6 miles out of town, I saw a "damsel in distress" along side the road with a flat tire. I stopped to help but neither she nor I had a spare tube. Another rider stopped and gave one of his. I have found throughout the years that riders are very generous and helpful to people having trouble--race or tour. Anyway, I put the new tube in and when I aired up the tire, the tube was pinched and sisssss. No more tubes so SAG was contacted, and I still feel like an amateur boob--and she was doing so well in the race as, of course, she had been ahead of us. Possibly could have placed in the female division if I hadn't blown the tube. Sorry lady.
Starting to roll into town, but before I forget, I must mention that MOST of the roads were in great shape and smooth. Just short periods were rough, mainly where a new section of road had been laid with super chunky chip seal. 
 Now this does not count in the overall condition of the roads. I am glad Dublin preserved some of their early roads.
"Dia dhuit." ("Hello," say the Irish.) We are in Dublin after all. Before the ride, Christine had told me to make sure to get a picture of the Leprechaun. Luck had it that he was at the finish line when I came in.
 The little green leprechaun with my jolly green Giant. 
Never mind Christine and me. Note the frosty in my hand. Man were they good. (Previously I had one of Doc's famous floats. It was a tie as to which was better, so I will have to judge again in the future.  
 Speaking of treats, they had great BBQ sandwiches and all of the Dublin specialty bottled drinks you could hold. But David in the background was sampling another treat--triple chocolate milk shake. If I hadn't been so full, I would have tried one also. But now I have something other than another great ride to look forward to in the future.

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