Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Burma Road

Burma Road
San Angelo, Texas
February 7, 2017
I had been wanting to try out the Giant on Burma Road, one of our local signature rides because of the constant rolling hills with some worthy challenges. Bob and John were visiting from Minnesota. The previous day we road on of our relatively "tame" routes to Knickerbocker and Guinn Road. Knickerbocker has one good climb and Guinn Road has rolling hills. So, we decided to try out Burma as it would show off our different terrain in and around San Angelo.
 This is the beginning of the first of the challenges.
Not too bad, but just as you crest, you go around a curve and then seemingly go straight UP. Actually the Garmin says 10% but it is one of the short steep hills so it feels like straight up.
 More upcoming hills.
 Note the truck. There is a caliche pit about 7 miles into the ride, and there was a lot of  activity.
 Cliche pit is just to the left and behind me. I stayed at this spot for some time to let trucks go past. Some would come out the gate and turn left, then the next 4 or so would turn right. Tom Green County infrastructure must be booming.  
I wanted to get some action shots of John and Bob coming up our two torturous hills, (Garmin says 15% and I will not argue). I am glad I took the shot as the truck behind them just stopped so they pulled over to let him go past ruining my sequence shots. Oh well.

I am out of practice shooting pictures while riding so many of my photos of the hills were on the wrong setting and didn't turn out. Need more practice.
Waiting at the ranch gate just adjacent to the caliche pit. My new honey. I am so impressed with it that I can't wait for our first organized tour early March at Bastrop. In the meantime, to bore (or brag) about my stats for this ride:
Burma Road 
Distance 21.9
Time 1 hour
Average speed 21.9
Wind W 18
On Power setting

The bike has taken 50 years off my age. No complaints at all!!

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