Saturday, April 25, 2015

Colorado RIver Bikefest

 April 24, 2015
Ballinger, Texas
 Registration was well organized with plenty of help. The Noon Lions Club must have a lot of active members willing to help out on local events.
 San Angelo riders: Brian
 Line up time. I did not get an official rider count, but I would estimate over 100 riders participated.
First leg of the ride had some pretty good rollers. 
 And occasionally some flat land. The wind nullified some of the advantages of flat terrain. 
 It seemed every time we had some natural wind breaks, we also had some upcoming rollers.
 Coming up on Mel. I had followed Rick out of town, but I was dropped on the first hill.
 Hence, our group was fairly spaced out at this time.
 At the first rest stop, we re-grouped except for Jerry. He didn't stop and must not have noticed that we were there.
 Mystery picture #1. I didn't take this shot.
 Mystery picture #2. I didn't take this shot, and I was the only one with a camera in our group. And as can be seen, my camera is hanging down from my wrist strap. If my camera is going to take its own pictures, I wish it would take ones as we are going uphill or as we coast down a decline as I am generally just hanging onto the handlebars during these times.
 Lots of yellow flowers on the wayside. I didn't get to spot any bluebonnets on this ride.
 Christine enjoying the ride despite the wind.
On the second leg we were head on into the wind. We took turns pulling so it was not as bad as it could have been. Why was I dropping back? 
 I had spotted a nice spread of Indian Blanket wild flowers coming up and wanted some room to wobble as I do when taking pictures. For the first time in at least 4 years everything is green!  Even water is in the creeks.
 Eventually I pulled back into the "pack" and drafted off of Rick.
Second, and last, rest stop. We had just finished the wind-in-your-face portion of the ride and were not in a big hurry to take off again.  
 Wind to our back and we finally went decent speeds.
 Christine enjoying the scenery? No, camera shy and preferred not to have her picture taken at this moment. 
 When one is going with the wind, a seemingly endless road is not as discouraging as into the wind.
 This was the last leg back into Ballinger. Rick had size 25 or more wide tires on his bike, so he didn't mind the washboard shoulder as much as we did. Yes, the speed limit is 75 mph but the shoulder encourages one to chose comfort over caution. 
Finish line and Christine was just handed her "major award".
Hooray for Christine. She would humbly say all she had to do was finish, but we all finished also and got nothing but a doughnut at the finish line.  
 Jerry congratulating Christine. It is too bad that he missed us at the first rest stop as his company on the long ride would have enlivened the trip.
 I am usually quite happy being in the background, but Christine insisted on taking my picture pretending to be "King of the Road" However, my princely performances are generally downhill with the wind.

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  1. Yippee! Riding season again! It's been incredibly windy here so this season. My bike is still on hooks in the garage. Hubby and I head off to climb the Great Wall of China in a couple of weeks. Then, the plan is for electric bikes in Maine! You would be embarrassed to be seen with us!